Friday, October 19, 2012

I Love You

My heart was broken, my mind was cold and my soul was lost. I was sick and tired of this word "Love". As if it is the most dreadful thing and most unfortunate incident happened with me. I was worldly wise, emotionally hard and cold till I met you. Your Big red; as if drunken, but innocent, caring, loving eyes attracted me more than anything in you. When you looked at me with those eyes full of respect, love and care; I couldn't help myself trusting in you, confiding in you the deepest secrets of my heart. I pour all my burden, pain to you, crying till all my tears dried up. With silence and consoling eyes you comforted my heart, confessed your undying love for me and appealing to trust and not to worry for anything for you will be always be at my side; till death do us apart.
When I saw tears in your most beautiful, appealing, confessing eyes: I couldn't help myself from falling in love with you, trusting my heart again to you. I became so restless on this sudden realization of my own feelings for you that I could concentrate on my work, could eat or sleep. Felt that if I didn't confess my feelings to you I will lose you forever leaving my heart lonely and broken forever. I just want to say those three words to you "I Love you."

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